Rise and Shine!

From my dear friend and teammate, Olympic Silver Medalist - Molly Killingbeck. 40 years later we still train together at 6am. And we are always the first ones there!

Winners think the same, act the same and always goes against the grain!

Thanks Molly 👍

Success is no accident!

If you look at all the greats. Pelé, Ali, Woods, Jordan, Gretzky and now Curry. Every single one has one thing in common. They come early, and stay late. "Success is not an accident." The greatest athletes in the world simply work harder than the rest. They never rest on their laurels or believe that their talent is enough. Being the best takes your best effort. This applies to everything in life. Not just sports! Look at the likes of Steve Jobs & Bill Gates. 2 of the biggest and best companies in the world. Their vision is only surpassed by their work ethic.

Every young athlete should watch this. Every parent of every young athlete should watch this with your child. Probably the most important lesson they will ever learn.