Frequently Asked Questions

Mark was a guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Mississauga, the largest Rotary Club in Mississauga in 2016.

He recounted the highs and lows of his journey to the pinnacle of athletic achievement. The presentation was inspirational. The inspiration came not from the honor of winning an Olympic gold medal (and many other major athletic victories) but from the message that perseverance, determination, sacrifice and advice and support from others are what really make the difference. As Mark highlighted, there were a lot of other athletes who started with more natural physiques or abilities than he but what made the difference was Mark’s desire, despite many heartbreaking near misses, to dig down deep, work harder than his competition, and keep going.

An outstanding presentation that drew a huge ovation from everyone, young and old, who were moved by Mark’s words and humble manner. Many incredible life lessons shared and learned in under thirty minutes, and delivered with humor and humility.

Highly recommended to any group who want to improve performance, are open to learning and have a desire to improve. The icing on the cake: Mark, quietly pulled his gold medal from nowhere and for a moment everyone felt what it is like to be an Olympic Gold medal winner.

Steve Ferguson
Past President, Rotary Club of Mississauga

Maximum Performance

I heard Mark speak at the Medworxx Client Conference; the theme was Collaborate for Maximum Performance. He re-instilled in me the understanding that yes we can do things alone, but together we are even better.

Pene Gerber
HR & Office Manager, Medworxx Inc.

Both Nancy and I were excited by your story of your athletic perseverance and triumph years ago and how that has translated into your dedication today. (I have relayed your story to others several times over the last 9 months)

Although I have attended national conferences and Chairman’s conferences for many years, I don’t normally feel the need to stand up and provide an opinion on the event or the speaker.

However, I was inspired by the combination of physical workout instruction and your story that morning and felt I needed to share that with our group.

You were the best speaker I have heard in all of the 19 Chairman’s events I have attended. Your topic and delivery provided fantastic energy!

Isaac Phillips
Royal LePage State Realty Brokerage  – Top 1% in Canada Royal LePage 18 Years
Sales Representative

AMJ Campbell has had a long-standing relationship with Mark Mckoy. As a proud sponsor of Canada’s Olympic Teams, AMJ was thrilled to enter into a partnership with Gold Medallist Mark Mckoy and recommend him to our staff and clients. Mark’s “Can do” attitude, dedication to excellence and “Mindset of a Champion” talk is a must hear for any organization or team.

Bruce Bowser
President & CEO AMJ Campbell Van Lines

You did an inspirational talk at my school a month or two ago and I spoke to you afterward about my path for field hockey and how to get where I want to be.

Ive moved clubs and I am training at a much higher level of hockey, I also made the Ontario team and am therefore getting more training and game time and we’re going to Vancouver to play with some of the better teams. My club team is going to the US to play at the universities and to talk to coaches so that in the next few years we could potentially get signed to play in the states, and get recognized by top coaches.

I thought I would let you know that your talk really pushed me to find my path and to start working harder for what I want.

I really appreciated you sharing your story.

Thanks, Georgia.