Whatever it takes

An overnight success in just 20 years!
Athletes lose way more than they succeed. Mark is no exception. As a matter of fact, his relentless pursuit spanned 2 decades of disappointment and failure on route to the greatest honour award to an athlete. It is said that "The difference between winning and losing is ofter not quitting!" - Walt Disney. Mark’s story of “Overcoming Hurdles” both literally and figuratively, epitomizes the relentless struggle that most athletes endure. Life is no different.

Like an iceberg, the successes and achievements are only the tip. The 10% that people actually see. The real truth of the matter is that the unseen 90% is where victory lies!

Success in every avenue of life is very similar in that small victories among a journey of disappointment and setbacks is awarded to those who preserve.

Success is, more often than not, a state of “Mind”.

What is the “Mindset of a Champion”. How does one develop it? And how does one attain that level of achievement?

Let Mark take you on a journey through the trials and tribulations and how he developed “The Mindset of a Champion”.
And you are determined to make your life be what you want it to be!


Join Mark on this thrilling, inspiring and truthful journey towards helping you stay on track!


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Stop Whining

Take responsability

Whatever it takes

Normal Doesn't Win!

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